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Shopify—one of the best online store builder there is—certainly has the tools and features to help you build your first online store with ease. However, you should remember that it’s only there to be your platform and to assist you in your entrepreneurial endeavors. So, this also means that even though you’ve created a decent online store with Shopify, there’s still a chance that you might miss a critical step that can ruin your online store’s launch.

It won’t be Shopify‘s job to make sure that your launch plans are completely laid out and your bases are all covered—that responsibility will be all on you. And, to make sure that your site launch will go well, you need to have a checklist—just like the one we prepared for you below:

✓ Get A Custom Domain Name

This might be unnecessary for you at this point. But, before you skip this item, think about this: having a custom domain name now will surely give you a better exposure in search engines in the future. Plus, this will help you promote your website and gain the trust of your audience with ease.

Convinced? Then get a domain name of your own by purchasing directly from Shopify

✓ Connect Your Sales Channels To Shopify

You should also consider creating and linking multiple Shopify-supported sales channels to your stores such as Facebook and Amazon. This will not only help your brand interact with its market on various platforms but this will also help you keep track of products, orders, and purchases.

✓ Make Sure Your Payment Gateways Are Working

Don’t forget to test your payment gateways before you go live too. Otherwise, you might turn off many interested purchasers in the future.

To do the testing, try purchasing an order through your payment gateways—repetitively if you have to. You can just refund your order after the test.

✓ Make Sure Your Static Pages Are Ready Too

Your static pages such as your about page, contact page, FAQ page, and shipping page are the muscles of your online reputation. If they’re underdeveloped or strained, you might not achieve your ideal search engine ranking or worse, it won’t bring in sales. So, you need to make sure they’re also fit for your launch too.

Consider these questions when you evaluate them:

  • Do their copy or web content align with your brand personality?
  • Do their images and overall web design complement your brand?
  • Do they give valuable information to visitors?
  • Are they user-friendly?

✓ Double Check Your Content’s Grammar

Ensuring that your business follows good grammar won’t only help you give a great first impression. It will also help you avoid miscommunication, misunderstanding and even lawsuits. So, when you’re checking your pages, don’t forget to include a grammar check too. You can use applications such as Language Tool and Grammarly.

✓ Make Sure Your Images Are Optimized

High-quality photos are always a must in the e-commerce industry but don’t forget that optimization counts too. If you don’t optimize your images, your site might run slower and this could ruin your customer’s experience. Other than that, this might also negatively affect your search engine rankings. So, make sure that all your images—product or not—are all good for your web!

✓ Install Analytics Tool

Data and analytics are your eyes in the world of online selling. Without it, you won’t have a guide in planning your marketing strategy and that is why before you launch your site, you should also consider adding analytics applications such as Google Analytics.

. . .Is there anything we missed?

Well, that’s pretty much on our list and if you think we’ve missed an item, feel free to share us your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

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