Many of this generation’s young professionals (like you) want to make the most of their lives. They want to follow their passions, to live rather than to survive. But, they also know that life doesn’t often go their way and that they need to have a stable source of income to keep their dreams afloat. That is why there are more and more of them who choose to get a side hustle.

Side hustles let them chase their dream and enable them to get extra income but, it has its own challenges too. You need to have a strong sense of discipline and commitment to complementing your gig to your 9-5 job.

And, if you’re one of those who are looking for ways to equal things out, then you’re at the right place because we’ve prepared top 5 tips to help you strike the balance between your day job and your side hustle: follow url viagra in orlando cialis deflate ad follow url go here thesis format stellenbosch university free essay corrector help with literature review dissertation get link meloxicam 15 mg viagra levitra cialis qual o melhor buy essays online with no plagiarism thesis why college is important the tempest shakespeares farewell to the stage literary analysis example of narrative essay go here write a good college application essay essay european indo representation sovereignty two free professional grammar checker what does 80 pound typewriter paper mean viagra doesnt always work go site follow where can i buy cialis in toronto writing a comparative thesis see url Establish realistic goals

Goals can influence your work performance in so many ways. They might be able to keep you energized, stay on course and motivated to explore other abilities and even make the most of your time for the rest of your career. However, you should keep them as achievable as possible.

The goals on your list should be attainable, memorable, relevant and time-bound. For example, if your dream is to become a successful graphic designer, you should strive to keep your portfolio updated all the time. You can do this by entering monthly design contests or by challenging yourself to create one doodle or artwork per day.

Manage your time

The most important component of a balanced work-life is the ability to plan manage time. This lets you become more productive in what you do and it minimizes the effects of daily stress. But, to have this, you must first come up with a routine that will encourage you to schedule your tasks.

One practice that can help you hone your time management skills is journaling. But, don’t just begin with any type of journal. You should try doing a project journal or a planning journal. A project journal lets you keep track of the progress of the tasks on your plate while a planning journal lets you plan the day ahead.

If, however, journaling is a bit old school for you, there are also plenty of online applications that can help you schedule your daily tasks–like Focus Booster, an app that aims to keep people focused and free from distractions.

Use your free time

No matter how chaotic and hectic things might get at work, there will always be a period of rest, a time to break free–a downtime. In these hours, you’d probably go for a walk or have a cup of coffee to keep the creeping effects of stress at bay.

But, if you have a gig at hand, then perhaps it will be best for you to squeeze a bit of it in your spare time. You can write a few blog articles while you’re at the coffee shop or you can follow-up with your clients during your quick break.

Doing a bit of these sacrifices can certainly make the most of your spare time but don’t push yourself too hard though. You might endanger your health and work/life balance!

Use technology to your advantage

You should include digital apps in your time management arsenal because there will come a time that you won’t be able to use your spare time to boost your productivity. So, it only makes perfect sense to use today’s digital technology to automate your tasks.

For example, if you’re a small business owner, you should use apps such as Hatchbuck. It’s a sales and marketing automation platform that can help you gather leads and retain customers through automated campaigns.

Look for a support group

Don’t think that you’re alone in your quest. If you need help or some motivation, just remember that there are people who’ll be willing to help you. You can ask support from your family, friends and even from the thousands of side hustlers out there too. You can find them at online forums, groups, and communities.

. . .and that wraps up our list, folks! Think you have more to suggest? Do drop us a message!